Easton's Story

Easton was born at 33 weeks with an Imperforate anus, so hours after he was born, he had his first surgery to get a Urostomy bag. He was also born with Penol scrotol transposition and a hernia. A couple weeks later, he had to have another surgery to get a Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter placed. They started dialysis on him right away. Easton was in the NICU for 6 weeks, and he went home with no feeding tube, no dialysis (only the catheter), and only on a few meds. He did so well at home, the doctor was even considering taking out his Peritoneal dialysis catheter. But it was a good thing they didn’t. Easton got admitted back into the hospital to start dialysis again as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, Easton had to go in for surgery to get a new one placed. Afterward, he kept getting infection after infection, and he slowly lost his eating skills. He was on a feeding tube for the most part and we pretty much lived at the hospital for seven months.

As he got older, Easton was put on Hemo Dialysis because the peritoneal just was not working out for him. He would go in to dialysis twice a week until May 2015, when he received a kidney transplant from his daddy. “For now, we are just learning to live our lives without going to dialysis and getting him in a normal home routine to live life like a little boy should,” his parents said. “He will still need surgeries in the future. As of right now we are holding off.”

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