You can make a difference for those affected by chronic health issues. Give a gift today, and help the one in three Nebraskans affected by chronic disease.




how your dollars help

  • $5 provides one educational booklet for someone newly diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.
  • $10 buys a ticket for a child to attend the Nebraska Chapter – National Hemophilia Foundation’s Annual Red/White Game and Tailgate to network with other children living with bleeding disorders across the state.
  • $25 provides three weeks of Lifeline Services to an individual with a disability so the person can remain in their own home.
  • $50 provides support for veterans who have brain injury and their families.
  • $75 provides one visit to the ALS Clinic.
  • $100 provides one researcher the opportunity to grow cells in a lab for 10 weeks in an effort to better understand how a new blood cancer therapy may work.
  • $250 provides support for eight people to attend an Alzheimer’s Family Caregiver Conference.
  • $500 provides a full scholarship to Camp Spirit for a child with juvenile arthritis.