The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the annual fund-raising drive conducted by Federal employees in their workplace each fall. Federal employees and military personnel raise millions of dollars through the CFC that benefits thousands of non-profit charities. The CFC has been around for four decades. Each year, tens of thousands of charities apply to participate. Only those that meet strict standards of eligibility are admitted. Over the years, Federal employees have donated billions of dollars to eligible groups. In communities across the country and overseas, Federal volunteers supervise the CFC, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of this worldwide philanthropic effort.

The Office of CFC Operations at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is responsible for oversight of the CFC nationally. The Office of CFC Operations is located at 1900 E Street, NW, Room 5450, Washington, DC 20415.

United States Office of Personnel Management-OPM
National Combined Federal Campaign Committee
What to Know About the Combined Federal Campaign

  • Check your local CFC brochure to review the list of participating charities. You may find your charity of choice under Community Health Charities of Nebraska in the Local Federation section or Community Health Charities in the National section of the CFC brochure.
  • When you complete your pledge form, be sure to use the correct code for the charity you wish to support.

When making any contribution, Community Health Charities encourages you to pay careful attention to the percentage noted for each organization’s Administrative and Fundraising Ratio (AFR). In prior years, charities could not participate in the Combined Federal Campaign unless their AFR to revenue ratio was under 25% or they had a plan in place to achieve this number. Changes in regulations have removed this requirement, yet Community Health Charities has kept an AFR of 25% or lower as part of our membership qualifications.