Community Health Charities of Nebraska provides all organizations, including companies and government offices, the opportunity to participate in workplace giving campaigns. This makes it possible for employees to contribute to their favorite Nebraska health charities conveniently and efficiently through payroll deduction. By contributing time and leadership through involvement in Community Health Charities of Nebraska’s volunteer boards of directors and community councils, business leaders further demonstrate a commitment to good corporate citizenship and enhance their relationships with their communities.

Donors can be confident they are supporting well recognized and highly reputable, established charities when they donate to Community Health Charities of Nebraska. Community Health Charities of Nebraska’s membership standards include such criteria as providing statewide programs and services, having a broad base of volunteers, executing an effective system of fundraising, and adhering to strict financial accountability, public reporting and program requirements. Contributors can also be certain their dollars are put to effective use. Community Health Charities of Nebraska dollars support charity research, community education, and client programs and services. In addition, Community Health Charities of Nebraska collaborates with its member charities to promote public awareness through education and outreach activities.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about running a CHC-NE Campaign. If you still have questions that need to be answered, please contact us anytime.

How does Community Health Charities (CHC) differ from other workplace giving programs?

Our program is unique because it not only gives employees the opportunity to support the individual health charities that matter most to them, but it assures them that virtually all of their designated donations goes directly to those charities. When your employees choose to support specific health charities, they have the comfort of knowing that their donation is going exactly where they want it to. This means so much more than just writing a check and not knowing if it will have the intended impact.

But how can CHC operate by giving so much of their incoming donations to the charities?

We believe it is paramount that we represent the interests of the employees who make donations, so we pride ourselves on maintaining the lowest possible overhead costs. These modest costs historically have been fully funded by undesignated donations to CHC.

We already have an employee giving campaign in place. Won’t adding a CHC campaign take funds away from our current efforts?  

Actually, it’s the exact opposite – expanding employee giving choices has proven historically to increase donations across the board. We’ve learned that when employees are given more control over how they donate their hard-earned money (and more ways to do so), they are more inclined to give. So adding a CHC campaign is likely to improve your existing employee giving efforts.

Our employees already contribute to United Way. So why should we consider CHC?

While United Way funds a wide array of social service and welfare agencies, they do not fund most health causes and they do not fund medical research – both of which are covered by CHC. Many of the companies we work with are long-time supporters of United Way, but they want to do more to support important health issues in their community. CHC is the ideal way to add a health component to their employee giving efforts, while maintaining their relationship with United Way.

If we decide to include CHC, will we have to set up a whole new campaign?

Absolutely not. Only one campaign would be run, most likely during your scheduled campaign season. CHC participates with many other federations in side-by-side campaigns, which typically leads to an increase in total donations (as mentioned above). Employees appreciate being given more choice!

How much extra work is involved if we include CHC in our campaign?

A CHC representative will meet with you and/or your payroll department to discuss how we can enhance your existing campaign without increasing your workload or costs. Our professional staff is here to help with every aspect of your campaign – from campaign materials to training the employees who will manage the process. It is our goal to make your CHC campaign as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Our company encourages employees to give on their own, so do we really need a CHC campaign?

Payroll deduction is a more convenient way for your employees to make charitable contributions, enabling them to spread their donations throughout the year. In fact, a payroll deduction gift is generally 4 to 6 times greater than a one-time cash contribution! Most employees consider payroll deduction to be a valuable company benefit. It truly is the most effective and efficient way to raise needed not-for-profit dollars.

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